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Multum Gin Parvo - Our Story

We’re passionate about Rutland and wanted to encapsulate all this small county has to offer within our selection of craft gins. Every element of what we do is inspired by this small but mighty county, from our name, which comes from the county motto Multum-in-Parvo or Much-in-Little, our logo, which includes the horseshoe and acorns, through to our flavours, which utilise locally sourced ingredients.

Multum Gin Parvo Flavours

Multum Gin Parvo Team

We have three core flavours, Strawberry & Rutland Lavender, Earl Grey & Rutland Honey and Rutland Dry Gin, along with a limited-edition seasonal flavour, Migration Gin. We’re committed to supporting the local community and wildlife, which is why donations from the Migration Gin, inspired by the Osprey go to the Osprey Leadership Foundation. All our flavours have been carefully crafted to appeal to all gin lovers, from those who love a sweet and fruity kick, to those who love a crisp and dry gin.

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